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Skate Night

This evening feels like a “skate night” to me. Well, if I keep it real with you, every night feels like a skate night to me. If I was able to go roller skating everyday I would! Some people are runners, gym rats, bikers, etc.  I’m a roller skater.

Life events like marriage, motherhood and a career seemed to have taken precedence over my skate nights. The distance of the nearest skating rink also plays a role in how often I go these days.  The nearest skating rink is about 30-35 minutes away — and that’s highway driving. My husband and son are at basketball practice tonight and I’m home chillin’ out.  Well, not really… I’ve done some email corresponding, prepared dinner, walked the dog and re-packed my flight attendant luggage for my upcoming trip to Buenos  Aries. Fifteen years ago, this wasn’t a part of my routine and I could go skating anytime I felt like it.  I’m pretty sure the distance to and from the skating rink was the least of my worries.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still able to get to the rink and skate, but just not the way and the frequency I am used to. As an avid roller skater, it feels like I missing out on something: I’m out of the loop.  I don’t have a skate crew that I roll or meet up with, but I do know the regulars at the rink and they know me. I always get the same question…”Where have you been?” I always say the same thing…”I’ve been away being wifey, mommy and working.” I’m also thinking in the back of my mind, “Tonight I’m out here to get my skate on….rolling, grooving, capturing and harvesting the feeling and sensation of my wheels gliding across the hardwood floor.”  Until my next “skate-night”…roll bounce, baby!

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