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Roller Skating Etiquette: Think Inside The Rink

Parent walking child in the rink.

This is a safety hazard!

I’m pretty sure for many people, they’ve never thought too much about having or demonstrating proper roller skating etiquette when they were out on the skating rink floor. Well, I’m here to spread the good news that there most definitely and unequivocally is such an expectancy in the world of roller skating!

This summer I’ve witnessed some truly appalling examples of poor roller skating etiquette at one of the local skating rinks in my area. Some may beg to differ and think it’s no big deal.  But, to a true blue die-hard roller skater such as myself, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing — on more than one occasion when I’ve gone roller skating.  Now granted, it was a Saturday afternoon skating session and that equals kids-kids-kids, but this is where being aware of rink etiquette begins.

I saw parents out on the rink in their street shoes assisting their children who were learning to skate. I have also seen a parent pushing a baby stroller on the skating rink floor…I was thinking, “Really, who does that?!”

Safety first in the rink!

No sitting!

As an avid roller skater, I know that skating is excellent exercise and a fun, enjoyable activity for the entire family.  But, it does present some risk for inexperienced skaters. With that in mind here are a few tips I would like to share that can ensure you have an enjoyable time and minimize the possibility of an accident on the rink:

** Always pay attention to the skaters around you and pay special attention to the skaters ahead of you, as they can’t see you coming.

** No pushing shoving tripping zigzagging or reckless skating
** No standing  chatting or stopping along the wall of the rink

** Must wear skates to be on the skating rink floor (no baby strollers please…this should be a no brainer!)

** Enter and exit rink at a slow controlled speed

** No sitting on the floor or edge of rink

** No skating in the wrong direction

** Slower less experienced skaters should skate in the inner most part of the rink

Remember that roller skating can definitely be a fun activity for the whole family as long as the rules of the rink are closely followed.  You must “think inside the rink!” So remember to enjoy yourself, have fun and…roll bounce, baby!

One comment on “Roller Skating Etiquette: Think Inside The Rink

  1. Nia
    September 2, 2015

    Nice piece

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