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I “Heart” Rollerskating

Happy Valentine’s Day!

When you think of Valentine’s Day you think of lovers, romance, cards, flowers, gifts and candy. Well, I do, too, and I’m looking forward to receiving a gesture of love and affection from my husband on February 14th, just like many of you lovebirds are!

Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, it got me to thinking. Ok…just follow me for second. I’m not only speaking of romantic love. I’m talking about all types of love. The love you have for your parents, children, siblings, relatives, friends, pets, activities, hobbies, etc. And dare I leave out my “love ” for rollerskating!


My “love” for rollerskating is so much a part of me that you can ask anyone who truly knows me or anyone who has taken time to chat with me for at least 1 hour or so and they’d unequivocally say, “Tamara loves rollerskating!” I’m very focused and driven about opening up my own Rollerskating Center in the near future, and I continue to facilitate my passion for revitalizing rollerskating as a fun activity for all ages, through my blogging and passionately speaking about rollerskating whenever I get a chance. That’s how deep I roll, baby! So listen, I have a challenge for you…think about your what your passion is and once you figure it out don’t allow it to sit dormant. Don’t just talk about it, Be about it! I know I am!

IMG_1515A dear friend of mine, Allison Schwartz, understands my “love” for rollerskating. We haven’t known each other quite one year. She is one of my beautiful Survivor Sisters, whom I’d had the pleasure of meeting and bonding with at The Wind River Cancer Wellness Retreat in Tryon, NC this past April 2014. Allison and I were paired to room together during the retreat. We bonded over sharing stories about our Breast Cancer journey, the “love” we had for our supportive husbands and the “love” we had for our sons, her two and my one. We exchanged very unfiltered commentary and kept it really real and raw. After we left the retreat we stayed in touch and we affectionately refer to each other as “roomie.”

In September 2014, Allison shared with me a poem she wrote and it was all about my “love” for rollerskating and how I embody it. The amazing part about this is, she hadn’t seen me skate prior to writing this beautiful poem. She just felt my passion and “love” for rollerskating and then she put her insight, creativity and pen to work. I would like to share what Allison wrote. I “love” every word of it!

“My Girl, Tamara”
By Allison Schwartz

Swish go the wheels
Heart beats
Hair blows
As she glides

Healthy and happy
Free and joyous
Constant motion
Uplifting souls


Skating is in her soul
Moving and grooving
Rooting and rocking
Living her “authentic” life

My girl, Tamara (like camera!)

So you see, even though Valentine’s Day is traditionally celebrated for a person one is romantically involved with or attracted to, I would like to take time out to express the “love” I have for all the people and things that I value and hold close to my heart…much love to all my peeps! I hope you all have a very Happy Valentine’s Day and remember to…roll bounce, baby!

2 comments on “I “Heart” Rollerskating

  1. Roz
    February 12, 2015

    Happy Valentine’s my friend!!!

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