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Roll To This: IN-ERGIZE!

Wow…  October is almost over and I had plans on blogging about October being National Roller Skating month. National Roller Skating month was declared in 1983 by President Ronald Reagan and it promotes safe fitness and fun activities. National Roller Skating month shares the month with another extremely visible cause and that’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. I’m personally connected to both of these initiatives. You clearly see how I’m a supporter of National Roller Skating month—-I’m a blogger who writes about her passion for roller skating. But, I’m also a breast cancer survivor and I’m approaching my 3rd year of survivorship in December 2014. Yippee!!

I had intentions of elaborating on both of these topics, but my time has been split between getting my blog post out on time and preparing for an upcoming speaking engagement. On Saturday, November 15, 2014, in Charlotte, NC, I will be one of 9 speakers who will be speaking to educate, telling stories to inspire and providing experiences to absorb.

I will be sharing a story to inspire, and my story will incorporate a piece of my breast cancer journey and how it brought me to a point of reprioritizing and transforming my life toward being “authentic” to pursuing my passion and dream around roller skating.

If you live in or near Charlotte and are available on Saturday, November 15, 2014, come out to Pease Auditorium- CPCC campus and partake in this event that will inspire and energize you!! Visit to get more information and purchase your tickets online for $30. To receive $5 off your ticket, use promo code “tamara”.  I guarantee you will be in for a treat!  I would love to see you there… roll bounce, baby!

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