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My Passion for Roller Skating

photo (10)I’ve been thinking about and planning this post for some time, because roller skating is a passion of mine (ask anybody who truly knows me).  I’d never really thought about it being something you could (or should) be passionate about.  But as I look back over the years that I’ve been skating — which are many — I’ve always had a lot more interest and love for it than the average skater. I find that I think about roller skating basically everyday. Whether it’s a song that I hear on the car radio or Pandora, I instantly find myself transported back to the skating rink floor. If there was a way that I could skate everyday, I would. Just like some people are addicted to going to the gym to workout everyday, I feel the same way about roller skating. I look forward to sharing my skating experiences and opinions with other roller skating enthusiasts, as well as revitalizing roller skating to a new generation of skaters… roll bounce, baby!

14 comments on “My Passion for Roller Skating

  1. sparnest19
    March 31, 2014

    It was great skating today, I had a ball, met Sorors, met some good people and learned some good moves. Everyone needs to come out on Tuesday evening and Sunday afternoon.

    • lacesandwheels
      March 31, 2014

      Soror Nicole, I must say, it was great to meet and bond with other skating enthusiasts, this past Sunday. I also learned some new moves from two guys named Tony and Van. I consider myself a pretty decent skater, but they showed me a few cool moves, that I need to practice, in order to be as smooth and fluid as they are. I’m from Dayton, OH and when I learned to skate, I learned how to skate to funk and fast R&B music. We would have some backward skates, but we weren’t really into the line dance skating, that I see here in Charlotte. I’m familiar with getting in the center of the floor and showing some fancy footwork, but this whole line dance skating is new to me. I think it’s cool! I’ve seen skaters from Chicago and Detroit, skate like that as well. I will have to do some research and check out the different styles of skaters, that hail from other cities, where skating is part of their culture. Skating, was definitely apart of my culture, while growing up in Dayton, OH…roll bounce, baby!

    • soseriouskleo
      May 7, 2014

      Where is the Tuesday evening roll?

    • soseriouskleo
      May 7, 2014

      Hello soror, where are you skating on Tuesday evenings? I would love to add and additional day of workout to my work out plan.

      • lacesandwheels
        May 8, 2014

        Hey Soror, it at Kate’s on Independence and it’s from 6-9pm.

  2. Sharonda
    April 1, 2014

    Girl, this makes me remember the good times growing up. Although I’m not the best skater, I can hold my own. Skating is also one of my first childhood memories…my mom would take us just about every week. I am glad to get back to it and pass on those same childhood fun memories to my kids….thanks Roll Bounce, I will see you at the rink!!!

    • lacesandwheels
      April 3, 2014

      Sharonda, that’s exactly what I’m talking about…allowing skating to transport you back to those childhood memories, as well as create new ones for you and your children. Let’s get our groove on and…roll bounce, baby!

  3. sparnest19
    April 27, 2014

    Hey Tamara, I was looking for you today at the rink, we had great fun, hopefully we will catch up soon. Soror Nicole.

    • lacesandwheels
      April 28, 2014

      Hi Soror, I’m glad you guys had a fun time. I will have to catch up with you guys on the next go round. 🙂 You just have to make the best of that place until there is somewhere else to go. That will happen one day very soon. I’m interested in opening a skating facility, but first I was thinking about trying to start up a “Funk and Soul Night” Skate….just to get people hyped! It looks like you are interested in trying to get a better place for us to skate, and a place that caters to a more urban crowd. That’s what, I’m talking about!
      Soror Tamara

      • sparnest19
        April 28, 2014

        I’m so sorry about that Tamara, i won’t make that mistake again. We were talking about trying to open some place as well in Charlotte, for us to go and have a good time. I am looking into it.

      • lacesandwheels
        April 29, 2014

        No problem Nicole :)…when I see you again at the rink, I can’t wait to hear about your findings. Sounds wonderful. Somebody has to do something!! LOL…

  4. sparnest19
    April 27, 2014

    Ok, what is needed is a rink in Charlotte, and some place that could cater to our people. I’m looking into it, we can make it happen.,

    • lacesandwheels
      April 28, 2014

      We can definitely make it happen….it’s great to see your enthusiastic spirit! I’m very passionate as well..hence my blog! LOL….

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