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Roll bounce, baby!

Roll bounce, baby!

Welcome to my world of roller skating! This is my first blog and I am truly excited about sharing with you what I consider to be my true passion — roller skating. I was first introduced to roller skating through my aunt Jeanette at the tender age of 3 years old and I’m still going strong!

Here is where I want to share with you happy memories as well as build an online community around roller skating. If you love roller skating as much as I do, you’ll find that this blog will be a source of information that inspires you to… roll bounce, baby!

9 comments on “Welcome

  1. Bonita
    March 24, 2014

    I’m so proud of you! This makes me remember when I use to skate. Now I have to find some pictures from that time in my life. This will be a great blog site for skaters. ..

    • lacesandwheels
      March 28, 2014

      Hi Bonita,
      Thanks so much for dropping by and checking out my new blog. I’m just getting started, but your response is just what I’m looking for. I want people to come to my blog and remember the great times they had when they did roller skate back in the day, I also want them to create new memories. I want people to realize that skating is still fun and relevant. I want to revitalize roller skating and re-introduce it to a whole new generation! If you find some pictures from that time in your life…please share them with me…roll bounce, baby!

    • Mary Lynne Cain
      April 26, 2014

      Tamara I really enjoyed your blog. I know that this is you. We have had some great times at Skateland and boy do I remember the dusty hair and eyelashes. I’m excited for you. Roll Bounce Baby!

      • lacesandwheels
        April 28, 2014

        Hey cuz, we had some really fun times at Skateland! I couldn’t wait for Sundays to come around each week. My mom would drop me off at your house and we would go skating with some of your friends. I was in the first and second grade…rolling out with you guys! You guys were in the 9th or 10th grade. I thought I was doing something, hanging with you’ll. Thanks for the great memories!

  2. sparnest19
    March 31, 2014

    Tamara, it was great meeting you today and skating, talking and bonding as Sorors. Skating is a great workout to getting fit and its fun. I can remember learning how to skate at Empire in Brooklyn, then Roxys, Skate Key, The Rink and Laces to name a few. This blog is great. Im here to help you get the word out. Congratulations! On your job well done.

    • lacesandwheels
      March 31, 2014

      Wow Nicole! it was nice meeting you and seeing Tiki again. I thank you for coming to my blog and checking me out! You are so right about skating being a fantastic workout. It’s a fun cardio workout, it gets your heart rate up and it does wonders for your legs! I see, that skating isn’t something new to you. You named off some famous skating rinks that you use to roll at in New York City. I’ve heard of all the ones you mentioned. I also use to skate at Empire in Brooklyn, with a good friend of mine. We would be up in there like clock work on Sunday evenings. When I heard about them closing Empire’s doors it hurt my heart. I’m a die-hard skater and I’ve been skating since I was 3 years old and I’ve skated faithfully in every city and state I’ve ever lived. So, whenever I hear about a rink closing and especially a rink I use to roll at, I feel some type of way. I’m ready to bring roller skating back to it’s glory and with the help of skaters like you, promoting how much enjoyment you get from it. We can make it happen…roll bounce, baby!

  3. Jacquetta Patrick
    May 7, 2014

    Hey Tamara!!!! I love the blog!!!! Don’t forget me when you go skating.

    • lacesandwheels
      May 8, 2014

      Hey Jacquetta, I’m glad you enjoyed it, you’ll have to go with Zion and I one day. It will be a lot of fun. I’m always gathering new pics for my blog….you can definitely be on some of them. Get ready!!

    • lacesandwheels
      May 8, 2014

      Thanks Jacquetta, and you are more than welcome to come and hang out with Zion and I when we go skating or when I go to an adult skate night. I need to get more action shot pics for my blog and you can be one of my subjects…smile!

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